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Chen Taichi Seminare mit Yan Gaofei
Freising und Nürnberg, Mai 2002

Bilder von Thomas Simianer, Friedemann Böhme und Michael Ditsch

Bavaria is a very famous country and with it´s lakes, mountains, castles, the beer and the "Oktober Fest" a good place to live. No wonder that a lot of foreigners try to become Bavarians. But only a chosen few got the right and the honour to call themselves "Bavarians". The reason is the extreme selection procedure which can only be mastered by the best who have the strength and the courage to face the ultimate challenge.

Drink a cold Bavarian Weißbier at one

Bear a big shot of bavarian snuff..

.. with a bavarian snuff machine

Survive bavarian spirits

Bayerischer Tanz
Perfom the wildest traditional bavarian dances

Submit to the dreadful Bavarian laws

Endlich Bayer!
And finally become a certified Bavarian

Die Einbayerungsmannschaft
The new Bavarians and the Bavarian makers

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Chen Taichi Startseite

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